Security Bot

Eliminate Unwanted Behavior in Seconds.

Powerful Moderation Features

The internet is full of bad apples, people who want to ruin your Discord community by causing chaos and destruction. But not to fear, Security Bot is here. Within seconds, you can lock your Discord server to prevent raiders from spamming your chat and destroying your community, then take the appropriate actions against unwanted users with Security Bot’s powerful moderation capabilities in seconds. Alternatively, set up auto-moderation so Security Bot will handle raiders in your sleep.

Anti Nuke Capabilities

We get it. You spend hours setting up the Discord server of your dreams, just for one user to find a simple exploit and destroy your community and prevent staff from taking action. It happens to all of us, and there was no easy solution until now. Security Bot is one of the few moderation bots with powerful anti nuke capabilities that will prevent raiders from destroying your community in a matter of seconds. Better yet, you can whitelist staff and trusted members, preventing exploitative measures from disabling community moderators from taking action. When raiders take control of your community, Security Bot will always have your back.

Want something extra?

With the initiation of a simple command, Restore your Discord community by recovering deleted channels, roles & more. And before raiders can do more harm to your Discord server, Security Bot’s powerful anti-spam feature will prevent bad apples from flooding channels and destroying the community you worked hard to build. All that and more for less than $4 with Security Bot Premium.

Moderate your Discord Server while you are asleep. That’s why over 100,000 Discord server owners trust Security Bot to eliminate unwanted behavior in seconds.

What actions does Security Bot consider as dangerous?

Adding bots.

Pruning members. Free

Banning members.

Kicking members.

Creating and deleting roles.

Creating and deleting channels.

Granting dangerous permissions to a role.

Giving a dangerous role to a member.

Mass mentioning @here and/or @everyone.

Creating webhooks.

Changing the vanity code.

Security Bot has some other features.

The bot provides some other features alongside its anti nuke features, here is what you can get by adding Security Bot to your Discord server:

Anti Ghost-Ping

Anti Invite-Link

Anti Raid/Spam

How Security Bot stops nuke attempts?

Security Bot's anti nuke system add limits to almost all the moderationdangerous actions on your Discord server for free, although there are some heavy things that the normal bot can't handle because it will slow down other features so we have moved them into the premium version.


Beast Mode Settings:

The global score is set to: 25

Kick score: 5

Ban score: 10

Punishment type: Clear Roles

Anti Nuke Settings:

Ban limit: 2

Kick limit: 5

Ban & Kick punishment type: Ban


@User-1 banned a random member. +10 score

@User-2 kicked a random member. +5 score

@User-1 banned another random member. +10 score

@Security banned @User-1 as he has reached the ban limit.

The beast woke up as the server has reached the global score.

@User-2 banned a random member.

@Security took all the roles from @User-2 as he has done a dangrous action while the beast was awake.

Is there anything besides the anti nuke?

Yeah, Security Bot has another feature of stopping nuke attempts, this is what we call Beast Mode, while this feature is enabled, there will be a global score that will reset every one hour, each dangerous action has its own score and can be customized by the owners, when the Discord server reaches the global score, the beast wakes up, while the beast is awake any dangerous action will result in an instant punishment.

Security Bot can recognize your trusted friends and mods.

There is another main feature of Security Bot, we call it whitelist which can be used to allow trusted users bypass anti nuke features, each action has its own whitelisted users & roles, you can even whitelist channels.

Moderation Commands

We provide some moderation commands in order to make your tasks easier, each moderation command supports multiple selection, adding reasons and delays, no need to order anything, just make sure the message starts with the command XD.

All of these will work:

s!mute @Sina#1197 Spamming 197d @Safa#1197

s!mute @Safa#1197 197d Spamming @Sina#1197

s!mute 197d 333269778196201473 Spamming @Safa#1197

It's Time to Secure Your Discord Server.

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